Planetary Infiltrator is a two-dimensional horizontally scrolling shoot'em up set in a space.

Another Kind of Human Civilization from a distant galaxy - sends an elite spaceship to contact the Human Civilization from Earth.
After entering the Solar System, unknown lifeforms and spaceships are already there.

Planetary Infiltrator(Android) gameplay screenshots

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This is the recent development in the game 'Unseen' .
In the early development, i tried to create the game in GM8 and tried the top view style but the bugs annoyed me too much. When i re-create it to Unity, the top view doesn't seem to be appealing to the eyes so we decided to make it as a first person game so it can be more thrilling. We never had a goal to make it very identical to Slenderman so i'm brainstorming for a new gameplay.

The default lighting in Unity doesn't cast shadows.So i used the deferred lighting. Though it decreases the game performance, it can increase the game appearance.
The ambience and mood was a little similar to Slenderman: Eight Pages i changed the lighting settings. i removed the black fog and decreased the darkness. I want to make the game map more visible and good on the eyes.
Unity has NVIDIA PhysX physics engine built-in. This allows for unique emergent behaviour and has many useful features

It took me a week to study the built in physics in unity. There are some bugs when importing the like unaligned textures and rotation of objects but can be fix by reimporting and /or disabling auto animation. Overall unity's physics engine is good.

Lights will bring personality and flavor to your game. You use lights to illuminate the scenes and objects to create the perfect visual mood. Lights can be used to simulate the sun, burning match light, flashlights, gun-fire, or explosions, just to name a few.

There are four types of lights in Unity:

  • Point lights shine from a location equally in all directions, like a light bulb.
  • Directional lights are placed infinitely far away and affect everything in the scene, like the sun.
  • Spot lights shine from a point in a direction and only illuminate objects within a cone - like the headlights of a car.
  • Area lights (only available for lightmap baking) shine in all directions to one side of a rectangular section of a plane.
Lights can also cast Shadows. Shadows are a Pro-only feature. Shadow properties can be adjusted on a per-light basis.

Lighting can be easily assign and created.No coding is needed. Shadow effects can be automatically activate or not.However, it can affect the game performance.

-Joshua Soller

This is our first texturepack. It is slightly influenced by a horror game but has a lighter theme since it' s not yet finished.
It's more darker than the default minecraft texture with hd gui.

Updates as of 12-20-12:
-fixed unwanted pixels in the terrain.png
-added texture to chest, sign and enderchest
-added foliagecolor (just borrowed so it will be replaced sooner).
-fixed item.png


Inspired by space invaders, galaga and space impact on nokia 3310. 

The main campaign has 8 levels to play through, with different enemies in every level.

About the game

Another Kind of Human Civilization from a distant galaxy  sends an elite spaceship to contact the Human Civilization from Earth. After entering the Solar System, unknown lifeforms and spaceships are already there.

Screenshot of the game




i think this will be the final update on our game Lawnfax because me and my friend decided to move on to other project.

The game is free to download


*Remove Inventory System

*Added Map 

*Fixed enemy collision bugs

Hi, im  Darryl and  im glad to release the first version of my simple app, Periodic Table of Chemicial Elements. 

Download it here:link: 


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